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Recycling in Lethbridge

We all know junk removal is extremely convenient, but it’s impact actually reaches much further than that. Junk is often more than just “junk”. There are many things that people just need to get rid of, but are still in great condition. At Cully's Junk & Removal Services, we are a huge proponent of recycling. And that means much more than just bringing your cans to the bottle depot (though that is very important as well). It also includes finding new homes for items that are in usable, working condition, but you just have no use or space for anymore. This is extremely beneficial not only to the environment, but to everybody involved. It seems these days that people can be quite quick to throw items out, simply out of convenience. We understand that it can be hard work to either sell, or give away things sometimes. It takes time, and life gets busy. So we bring that convenience to you, and remove these things for you. We either find people in need of certain things, or often times take large loads to value village, where it can be resold there. This is something everybody can be a part of, and together we can help make an impact. Taking care of our environment is more important than ever, and every little bit helps in order to make a difference. So whether that’s taking your cans and bottles to the depot, taking your cardboard and plastic recycling, or deciding to rehome items that you just don’t need anymore, every bit is as important as the last. And if you can manage to do them all, then that is all the better.